Teach4Future team includes professionals and education advocates with visionary thinking. We work together with other experts and practitioners in sustainability and environmental education to provide teachers with a unique and meaningful teacher training program on Education for Sustainability. We believe in the power of collaboration, and we are looking forward to connect with you.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Adela Abdullah

Project Leader

Adela Abdullah is an Indonesian and English & Sustainability Teacher at Green School Bali. She has been actively involved in educational and environmental movements since her year in university. She was a delegate for YSEALI Academic Fellowship Program on Environmental Issues in University of Montana in 2016. Having return from the program, she co-found Green Amplifier Camp in Pontianak which aimed to promote awareness, knowledge, and gratitute of our environment through fun and enjoyable experiences. Adela understands that we need to work together hand-in-hand to achieve sustainability. She hopes that Teach4Future could be her contribution in maximizing the potential of schools, teachers, and students to create a better, and a more sustainable future for all of us.

Abid Kamalsyah


Abid has a very strong desire to implement integrated waste management in Indonesia, especially in urban areas. To realize his desire, Abid previously worked at Green School Bali to introduce a good and correct waste management system to students. But he felt this was not enough. Therefore, Abid is currently joining a waste management consulting company in Indonesia (Project STOP) to expand the reach of a larger community so that it can sort waste and manage it properly. Abid is well aware that education and public awareness are one of the main keys to realizing his ambition, through his personal project with Teach4Future he really hopes that Education in Indonesia can give a greater portion to the environment, and ultimately create a generation that cares and contributes to change better environment, especially waste management.



Mujahidah is a young educator who is passionate about sustainability and community empowerment. She was born in Papua, grew up Makassar, and now living in Bali. Facing the environmental problem in her hometown makes her believe that sustainability and education are like two sides of a coin that can not be separated from each other. This passion leads her to co-found Trash for Class Makassar, an alternative school that provides a space for Makassarese kids to learn about environmental sustainability. She is also currently teaching English for Sustainability to the local kids in Green School Bali.